August 3, 2012

So, I'm at it again. Knitting is something that I would like to have an undying passion (and talent) for but I never seem to finish what I start.

Oh, and I suppose you've noticed I'm writing this little post on a brand new blog. You see, I have a history of starting blogs. It's kind of a problem. I'm kind of a blog-hoarder, if you will.

But this time is different! THIS TIME I MEAN IT. sea dottir is going to be a place for me to show my photography, interview people I find interesting and inspiring, do give-aways, tutorials..Just like a real grown up lady with a real grown up blog.

So in the meantime, I feel like august is a good time to start knitting a scarf, especially considering I rarely end up with a close-to-finished scarf until it's spring again. Baby steps and all that.

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  1. What kind of yarn are you using? Are you just doing garter/stockinet/rib stitch? I found that, in the beginning, I never finished things because I got bored with k1, p1 FOREVER. And then I discovered lace. I promise it's not difficult, and I promise that it's more interesting and, since it's more interesting, it has a tendency to get finished. Also, scarves are kind of those projects that go on forever and ever and ever, maybe if you tried a shawl or a hat you'd be more likely to finish... If you're ever free on thursday nights, we meet at fashion island's atrium court and we will totally enable your fiber habit help you with anything that's confusing you.